Building positive and productive relationships with stakeholders and the community

Engagement generates valuable information which improves the quality of decision making and creates better project outcomes.


We are true engagement practitioners. Not just communications or PR people, we bring meaning and authenticity to our interactions with clients and stakeholders alike. We focus on building lasting relationships based on empathy rather than simply transactional exchanges.

This leads to better decision making and benefits clients/their projects in the longer term.

Our varied and creative engagement techniques are tailored both to the audience and the project objectives, and we pride ourselves on developing new and imaginative ways to actively engage people.


Our services include collaborative co-design processes, facilitated discussions, in -depth interviews, speak-out events, on-line surveys, workshops, forums, open days, team building days, MCing forums and events, engagement training and much more.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the planning/built environment/development sector. This means we understand construction processes and constraints, as well as economic and social impacts. We regularly partner with project management and construction firms, architects and urban designers, as well as with government, not-for-profit organisations and utility providers. In often contentious and emotionally charged environments, we can be the intermediary between construction teams and stakeholders/community/businesses, heading off issues early and managing solutions.

URPS has a dedicated and nimble engagement team meaning that there is always someone available to respond to issues as they arise. We are also able to establish meaningful, trusted and lasting relationships with stakeholders that help de-risk projects and get things built.

We always close the loop by reporting on the engagement in ways that are user friendly and easy to integrate within the broader project. This includes coming up with synthesised findings of what has been heard in the form of guiding principles, design briefs, infographics, key directions and recommendations.

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