Nicole is a highly experienced engagement practitioner with over 20 years of experience working with a diversity of stakeholders and communities on a variety of subjects.

Nicole is particularly experienced in ensuring that the most suitable engagement techniques are matched to the target audience and is known for designing hands on, interactive engagement activities, particularly for projects with a strong spatial element such as infrastructure planning including roads, master plans, public realm, open space and play space design.

Nicole’s facilitation expertise and techniques are well regarded for the way in which they effectively engage participants, gather relevant information to inform the direction of projects and build confidence of stakeholders and the community in decision making processes.

Nicole is also known for her engagement expertise managing projects which are contentious or emotionally charged and ensuring that project objectives are able to be achieved within challenging contexts.

In all her work, Nicole demonstrates her flair for ‘distilling’ large volumes of information and complex issues. She can take complex scientific and technical information, interrogate it and translate it to enable others to engage with the subject. This aspect is particularly important to Nicole, as she is committed to engagement processes which are innovative, inform the direction of projects in a meaningful way and ensure that all voices are heard. This is reflected in Nicole’s experience designing and implementing creative engagement tools that enable children and young people to be active participants in decision making processes.

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