‘Codifying’ Heritage and Character

The management of heritage and character in the draft Planning & Design Code has proven to be one of the more contentious elements of planning reform.

At URPS, we have always believed that preserving and enhancing the built-form heritage of a city with complementary new buildings is an exciting part of urban development.  The great cities of the world do it so well, with the preserved heritage character enhanced by exciting and fresh new development that tells you much about where they have come from and where they are headed.  The right combination is fundamental to enriching the soul of each city.

As part of our role in the planning reform process, URPS Director Marcus Rolfe was pleased to facilitate a seminar for the Planning Institute of Australia last week entitled “Balancing Heritage Conservation and Development Opportunity – A Key Measure of Success for the New Planning System”.

A great range of speakers shared their observations and expertise at this master class, including:

  • Michael Lennon, State Planning Commission Chairperson
  • Andrew Stevens, Architect and Heritage Advisor, Stevens Architects
  • Gavin Leydon, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers
  • Deborah Lindsay, Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist, DASH Architects
  • Keith Conlon, Chair of the SA Heritage Council

There was much debate about the detail of the Draft Planning and Design Code as it relates to heritage and character.  We believe that this type of forum will assist greatly in the ongoing debate about how to best manage this challenging area of planning and development in South Australia.