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Whether we are facilitating a multi-storey mixed-use building close to the city, investigating policy options for job creation or engaging with people about changes in our climate, our focus remains on shaping great communities.


Latest News

Forget Me Not

Many of us have a close relative or friend who is struggling with dementia. Despite dementia being the single greatest cause of disability in older Australians and the second most common underlying cause of death, people often know little about it.  This is especially true for young people. In an article titled “Forget Me Not [...]
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A Great Honour for One of Our Own

Angela Hazebroek has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal as part of the Queen’s birthday honours. We listed some of the highlights of Angela’s career in a previous article about her elevation to Life Fellow of the Planning Institute late last year, so we won’t go over them again. But forgive us if we [...]
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Presentations that Inform, Persuade and Motivate

Many contentious planning matters are determined in public forums by panels or committees.  The ability of planners to present well in these forums is critical to procedural fairness and good decision making generally. Our Managing Director, Marcus Rolfe, ran a seminar on behalf of the Planning Institute of Australia SA Division last week focused on [...]
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When Protecting a View, Be Clear About What You Are Looking At

Some Development Plans include provisions that seek to protect specific views.  But they are not always as clear as they could be about what constitutes the views being protected. We have recently been involved in an ERD Court hearing where the primary focus was whether a proposed development in North Adelaide would have an unreasonable [...]
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