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Whether we are facilitating a multi-storey mixed-use building close to the city, investigating policy options for job creation or engaging with people about changes in our climate, our focus remains on shaping great communities.


Latest News

Publishers Hotel set for Radical Remake

The clever integration of the established built-form character of a city with complementary new buildings is an exciting part of urban development.  Great cities do this particularly well, with the preserved historic character enhanced by exciting and fresh new development that tells you much about where they have come from and where they are headed. [...]
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Changing Climate – Changing Council

The Premier’s Climate Change Council (PCCC) was established in 2008 to provide independent advice to the Minister for Environment and Water on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.  In addition, the PCCC takes a leadership role in consulting with businesses, the environment and conservation sector, and the wider community about issues associated [...]
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Creating a Climate Smart Built Environment

We all need to prepare for the accelerating impacts of climate change and do what we can to reduce carbon emissions.  Climate smart buildings, infrastructure and open space will help us do that. A climate smart built environment is more resilient.  It will endure hotter and drier conditions and more frequent hazard events such as [...]
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Kangaroo Island – A Great Blend of Farming and Tourism

One of the key attractions of Kangaroo Island for tourists is the connection to various types of farming and primary production.  This is recognised as a social and economic development initiative in the SA Economic Development Board’s “Paradise Girt by Sea” report, as well as in the Kangaroo Island Development Plan. The Andermel Marron farm [...]
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