Done well, engagement builds positive and productive relationships with stakeholders and the community, generates valuable information, improves the quality of decision making and reduces risk which combine to create better project outcomes.

URPS is a leader in stakeholder and community engagement, as evidenced by our award winning work.  Our services include facilitation, team building days, MCing forums and events, stakeholder and community engagement, preparation of tools and materials and engagement training.

The varied and creative engagement techniques URPS uses are tailored to the audience and the project objectives of the engagement, and we pride ourselves on developing new and creative ways to actively engage people in decision making.

Our engagement techniques vary from collaborative co-design processes to facilitated discussions, in-depth interviews, speak outs, online surveys, workshops, forums, open days and much more.

Our expertise includes undertaking projects which are contentious or emotionally charged and ensuring that project objectives are able to be achieved within challenging contexts.

We always ‘close the loop’ reporting on the engagement in ways that are user friendly and easy to integrate with broader project processes.  This includes coming up with synthesised findings of what has been heard in the form of guiding principles, design briefs, infographics, key directions and recommendations.