Zoe is part of our team of specialists in community engagement, environmental, natural resource management and strategic planning projects.

With experience in a variety of roles in local government, Zoe has expertise in local government strategic plans and frameworks. An ecologist by training, she has managed numerous urban revegetation and biodiversity projects. Zoe has also delivered various environmental and climate change plans, incentive schemes and education materials. Her experience extends to community planning and libraries initiatives.

Zoe is highly analytical, but she has the added strength of being able to use sensitivity and intuition to assess information and make decisions. Zoe’s ability to grasp complex issues and convey this understanding to others in a clear articulate manner, both verbally and in writing, is a key strength. She can adopt a big picture perspective, as well as understand the range of complex variables that impact on a situation.

Zoe’s thinking style also balances an appreciation of the here and now with longer term impacts and possibilities. Excited by change, Zoe is happiest trying new approaches and initiatives. She is also responsive to evolving priorities and can change tack to meet pressing demands.

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