Electronic Systems are the Way to Go

Pushing aside criticism of the ePlanning system in South Australia by some, URPS has become expert in realising its potential.

The electronic Planning & Design Code has made it more efficient to advise our clients on the planning guidelines for their site, helping them make good investment decisions.

It has allowed us to jump in and assist Councils in their development assessment function, act as an assessment authority in many instances and lodge development applications quickly and efficiently.  Best of all, we can operate from anywhere including at home as the need arises.

Like the first versions of any new technology, ePlanning is not perfect.  In the busiest of times, however, it has enabled us to provide excellent service to our customers across the public and private sectors.

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Our Door is Open

We are looking for one person towards the start of their planning career (up to five years’ experience). You will enjoy: Facilitating and assessing development