Welcome to Pip and Georgia

Great people are essential to shaping great communities.  This is why we are excited to welcome two more great people to the URPS team.

Pip Williams has joined us as a social scientist/social planner, her 25 years’ experience also covering community engagement.

Widely published on public health, ageing, work-life-community integration, social support, community development and urban development, Pip was also the recipient of the 2016 Local Government Professionals Australia SA Leadership Award for Excellence in age friendly communities.  Pip combines her highly developed analytical skills, systems thinking and her ability to communicate complex ideas to identify what is important and where opportunities lie.

Georgia Davidson-Parish has also joined us, adding even greater depth to the development facilitation/assessment team at URPS.

Equal parts tenacious, adaptable and technically sound, Georgia knows how to keep projects moving and get things done.  Her experience in Local Government and as a consultant means that she is personable and enthusiastic, thriving on interaction with people.

You will immediately recognise one of our core values in Pip and Georgia – being energised.  They are up for a challenge and combine fun with hard work, attributes that create successful projects.