Walking, talking and planning for Wara Wayingga – Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve

Building people’s connection to a place is part of what is needed to inspire them to value and protect it.  For many people, the connection to Wara Wayingga – Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve – is already well established.

Containing some of the last remnant dunes along the Adelaide metropolitan coast, the Reserve is integral to the cultural and spiritual wellbeing of the Kaurna Meyunna (Kaurna people) and other Aboriginal People.  The dunes are also highly valued by the local community including the Tennyson Dunes Group which has contributed to their protection and enhancement for over 20 years.

A management plan is a useful tool to clarify how to best value and protect the Reserve.  URPS has been working with representatives of Kaurna, Ramindjeri, Department for Environment and Water  (formerly Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources), City of Charles Sturt and the Tennyson Dunes Community Group to develop such a management plan.

The development of the draft plan has been informed by the substantial knowledge of these key stakeholders in the following forums:

  • Walking through the dunes with the Tennyson Dunes Group.
  • Extensive discussions with Kaurna representatives.
  • Collaborative workshops with all key stakeholders to identify a vision, management principles and management strategies.

The plan identifies strategies to protect the Reserve as a place to enjoy and nurture the unique coastal environment in a way that reflects the many and varied objectives of all stakeholders.