Transformational Planning Policy for West Torrens

The recently gazetted City of West Torrens Housing Diversity Development Plan Amendment (DPA) will help to transform the urban form of this key inner rim area by enabling a range of housing types to meet the needs of its diverse community.

The City of West Torrens had been gearing up for a major review of its Development Plan for some time. Its PIA award winning Section 30 Review foreshadowed significant infill redevelopment well before the 30 Year Plan was released. Council also undertook detailed analysis of housing consumption and opportunities, local character and housing affordability.

This collective body of work helped paint a clear picture about what sorts of residential development should be encouraged in which locations. It provided a vision for the city consistent with the State Government’s desire for growth along corridors as outlined in the 30-Year Plan and the Inner Metro Rim Structure Plan.

URPS worked closely with Council to deliver the West Torrens Housing Diversity DPA as the next step in realising the transformation of this important part of Adelaide.

The DPA provided a suite of residential policy changes that will facilitate transformation along corridors, encourage smaller scale infill close to local/neighbourhood centres and strengthen pockets worthy of character and heritage preservation. Carefully crafted Desired Character Statements can be compared and contrasted to ensure the broad vision for the entire Council area is realised on a location-by-location basis.

The City of West Torrens understands that its work does not stop with the gazettal of the DPA. URPS has continued work with Council’s development assessment team to ensure the consistent interpretation of the new Development Plan provisions in relation to matters such as land use mix and density, and ‘under development’ in Urban Corridor Zones where uplift is generally desired.

This DPA represents a significant step towards the 30 Year Plan’s vision for a more compact and diverse urban form in inner Adelaide.