The Location. The Challenge. The Success.

Space is at a premium in many Melbourne neighbourhoods characterised by highly urbanised, cheek-by-jowl buildings.  Heritage is also a significant component of inner Melbourne’s attractiveness that provides an additional layer of complexity when undertaking development.

Design excellence is required to deliver outcomes that are sensitive to existing heritage fabric, responds to the physical constraints of each site and satisfies proponents’ desires for modern amenity.

Our approach is to undertake a forensic analysis of the physical and planning context to establish a solid foundation on which to realise development potential.  This approach was fundamental to URPS recently securing planning approval for a three-storey extension to a heritage graded dwelling in North Melbourne.

We collaborated closely with Council’s planner and great designers in AOA Chris Peck from the outset.  Despite this, negative specialist commentary very late in the assessment process recommended fundamental changes.  This in turn influenced the standpoint of Council’s planner.

Derived from our solid groundwork and constructive ongoing dialogue, we were able to persuade the Council planner to ultimately support our proposal despite the specialist recommendations.  In other words, we were able to facilitate a favourable outcome for the client when it mattered most.

The result provided additional space to accommodate a growing family with a considered touch of design excellence that also complements the heritage values of the locality. We apply this analytical and collaborative approach with every project – strongly client focused and accountable as planners always striving to improve urban neighbourhoods.  This approach removes what may otherwise be seen as barriers to approval to create even better design outcomes that satisfy all.