The Cullinan – A Sparkling Addition to Adelaide

Undertaking transformative development isn’t easy.  It takes clear vision and design skill, as well as lots of negotiation and adaptation.

These attributes were never more on display than during the design and assessment process for the recently approved Cullinan development, located on Waymouth Street at the south-west corner of Light Square.

The design team for this project was led by Gasparini Luk Architects with assistance from Brown Falconer, URPS and others.  A total of four design review meetings were conducted with ODASA.  These meeting were tough – challenging the design team to be both clear and bold as to how this project would make a contextual civic statement for such a landmark site.

The end result was a pre-lodgement agreement from the Government Architect, Kirsteen Mackay, who stated:

“I acknowledge the significant improvements to the design that comprehensively address issues raised by the Design review panel and I support the collaborative design approach and separate peer review process undertaken by the design team.  I also commend the level of contextual analysis and comprehensive presentation material, including the realistic visualisations that clearly demonstrate the design intent, the relationship of the building base to the street and the visual impact of the development from key long view perspectives…

I strongly support the project ambition for a high quality development outcome that contributes to the identity and civic quality of the Square through bold, enduring and durable architecture…”.

Pre-lodgement agreements were also issued by the Minister for Heritage’s delegate given the relationship to the Common Ground building opposite, as well as Adelaide Airport Ltd.

Now that SCAP has issued approval, stage 1 of this 16 storey mixed-use development is to be developed over the next 18 months.

Also the name of the largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan promises to be a sparkling addition to Adelaide.