Social Planning More Important than Ever

Caro Mader is our newest social planner and Associate Director at URPS.

Caro is a highly experienced social planner, community development practitioner and university lecturer. She is a leader in the fields of social policy and strategy development, community participation and citizenship, social research and community engagement.

During her lengthy career in local government, Caro rose to become the Manager of Participation and Inclusion at the City of Adelaide. This wide ranging portfolio covered many diverse programs, services and projects.

In short, Caro knows local government inside and out.

Caro has also taught social work, social science and social policy students at Flinders University and the University of South Australia for the past 16 years.

An overarching evidence-based and cohesive logic for social infrastructure underpins all aspects of Caro’s work.

Alongside her background in local government and academia, Caro is also an experienced consultant who thrives on working with clients on projects that create lasting social impact.