Rezoning in South Australia – Now and in the Future

An important component of activating the new Planning and Design Code is the finalisation of a number of Development Plan Amendments (DPAs) currently in the system.

Final DPA documentation for Phase 3 Councils (Greater Metropolitan Adelaide) must be submitted to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure / the Minister for Planning at least three months from the date of the operation of the Code or they will automatically lapse.  Lapsed DPAs will need to recommence via the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act pathway.

Phases 3 of the Code was scheduled to become operational on 1 July 2020.  Based on recent advice from the State Planning Commission, Parliament will now consider setting a new 2020 date for the introduction of Phases 2 and 3 the Code.  

The privately funded DPAs URPS is currently working on include the City of Playford Value Adding (Virginia) DPA, the Mount Barker Kanmantoo Copper Mine DPA and the City of Charles Sturt Kidman Park DPA.  A key local government instigated DPA on our books is the City of Mitcham Growth Areas DPA.  We are also providing input to a Ministerial DPA in northern Adelaide.

The State Planning Commission has released Practice Direction 2: Preparation and Amendment of Designated Instruments as well as Amending the Planning and Design Code Introductory Guide to explain the ‘new DPA’ process.

A key element of the Code amendment/new DPA process will be tailoring the engagement to the characteristics of the community and the specific Code amendment.  URPS is particularly well placed to ensure that the requirements of the State Government’s Community Engagement Charter are met given our expertise in community and stakeholder engagement.

We look forward to assisting our clients in working through the new rezoning process to ensure that planning policy in the Code remains up to date and achieves great development outcomes across South Australia.