Once in a generation investment in National Parks

The State Government has committed to spending $10.4 million to get people using National Parks in and around Greater Adelaide. The investment will help our parks be used for a range of user groups and draw new users who may have never visited the parks. It also will assist in the achievement of broader State Government goals associated with active lifestyles, tourism and nature-based play.

We are particularly excited about this funding commitment given our previous work for DEWNR preparing Visitor Experience Plans for parks around the State and developing a framework for safe and environmentally appropriate mountain biking in the Belair and Cleland National Parks.

URPS is working in partnership with DEWNR to engage a targeted cross-section of existing and future park users with Co-Design Teams for the northern and southern parks. Becoming familiar with parks in their areas, the teams will review all community input and identify priority initiatives that will increase the number of people connecting with nature in our parks and improve the quality of their experience.

We encourage everyone to have their say by completing the online survey at http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/haveyoursay/amlr-connecting-residents-with-nature so our Co-Design teams are challenged to think creatively about the best ways to spend the $10.4 Million.