Imposing Order on Chaos

It was great fun to see our Josh Skinner play centre-half-back for the Athelstone Raggies on Saturday, restricting one of the opposition’s better players to just a few touches.  His family has been playing for the Raggies since the 1930s and URPS has enjoyed kicking in a few dollars as a player sponsor to help continue the tradition this year.

Noted sports author, John Harms, once said that “transcendence comes when football sides combine in the finest team-play, where they impose order on chaos. There is joy in the beauty of their play, which demonstrates that true community is possible, and that it lifts performance to a new level”.

Unsure as to the degree of order imposed by the Raggies in the chaos of much of the game, we enjoyed moments of beauty and true community in their play in the final quarter.  A good reminder of what Harms says are moments that “make you feel that while sport is not the most important thing in the world, it can alert you to the things that are”.

Go Raggies.