How Many Planners Does it Take to Build a House?

Special thanks to all those who sponsored the building materials for Grazio and Marcus’ construction efforts in Cambodia recently.

Habitat for Humanity mobilises families, volunteers and corporate partners to build housing for low-incomes households across the world.  They believe that a decent home provides an important foundation for families to be healthier, happier and more secure, leading to stronger communities that can grow and sustain themselves.  This belief connects nicely with the planning work we do at URPS.

Grazio, Marcus and their partners also saw the build in Cambodia as a great opportunity to help people who are less fortunate put a roof over their head.

With 50 years of soft office hands between them, there was some concern about Grazio and Marcus’ suitability for this venture.  Despite a few blisters, sunburn and aching muscles they both returned happy, healthy (with the help of a little western medicine) and vowing to do it again.