Helping you get Code Ready

Being prepared for the significant transformation that the Planning & Design Code will bring is important for anyone who interacts with the South Australian planning system.

At URPS, we have been conducting a number of training sessions for clients and others in the industry to help people understand:

  • ePlanning – the online planning portal to lodge and track development applications, and to obtain planning information.
  • Key changes to the planning system (e.g. practice directions; public notice; assessment pathways; assessment timeframes).
  • Key areas where the planning system remains unchanged.

Due to popular demand, we are now up to our fifth training session.  We are always happy to add more, so please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

The Code provides a new suite of zones, policies, procedures and land use definitions. Although the State has strived to base draft Code policies on existing Development Plan provisions, for some sites development opportunities will be enhanced and in other cases opportunities it will be reduced.

We have also been preparing written submissions on the draft Code for a variety of clients in recent months to identify potential amendments to the draft Code.

It appears that the introduction of Phase 3 (Greater Metropolitan Adelaide) will be delayed beyond 1 July 2020.  However, the date for written submissions is not being extended beyond 28 February 2020.

If you would like assistance preparing a written submission to the Code please get in touch with us urgently on 8333 7999.