Habitat for Humanity Celebrating 25 Years and a New Life Member

Congratulations to Natalie Fuller for being made a Life Member of Habitat for Humanity.

Some of the URPS team enjoyed seeing Natalie’s surprise at being presented with this honour at a recent fundraising dinner, also celebrating 25 years of the organisation in South Australia.

Habitat for Humanity mobilises families, volunteers and corporate partners to build housing for low-incomes households.  They believe that a decent home provides an important foundation for families to be healthier, happier and more secure, leading to stronger communities that can grow and sustain themselves.

Beyond her volunteering efforts locally, Natalie has been on something like 17 missions to build housing in less privileged countries.

Natalie is likely to say that she gets much more out of Habitat for Humanity than she gives, but Friday night’s dinner was terrific acknowledgement of her extended selfless effort in providing people a safe and decent place to live.

Impressed by the work by Habitat for Humanity, two URPS Directors and their partners have also volunteered to fundraise and attend a house building mission in Cambodia in April 2019.