Growing council finds ways to deliver more for less

The population of peri-urban Adelaide Plains Council (previously known as District Council of Mallala) is expected to double over the next 20 years through new residential development at Two Wells.

The Council faces the significant challenge of establishing infrastructure and services for this new development, while also meeting the requirements of its established community. Resources are also needed to increase productivity and add value to the area’s agricultural industry.

Adelaide Plains Council has identified three priorities for increasing its capacity to deliver against these demands, which are embedded throughout its recently adopted Strategic Plan.

Firstly, the Plan acts like a prospectus to facilitate partnerships with other levels of government and the private sector. It also sets a foundation from which to build community partnerships.  For example, increased community participation through volunteer and grant programs, will be an important way of delivering improved assets and services.

Secondly, the Strategic Plan pro-actively supports the region’s growth and development.  It positions Council as a persuasive collaborator seeking to maximise the value-add to its community from regional opportunities such as the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme and recently proclaimed Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary.  It will also see Council taking the lead on initiatives such as the Northern Food Bowl Protection Areas Development Plan Amendment to increase major primary production and horticulture growth in the area, together with the development of allied industries.

Finally, the Plan is underpinned by a strong focus on financial sustainability and the sound management of community assets to ensure efficient use of public funds.

Collaboration occurred between the local community, Elected Members, Council’s Leadership Team and other key stakeholder groups to prepare the Strategic Plan.  A copy can be downloaded here.