Forget Me Not

Many of us have a close relative or friend who is struggling with dementia.

Despite dementia being the single greatest cause of disability in older Australians and the second most common underlying cause of death, people often know little about it.  This is especially true for young people.

In an article titled “Forget Me Not brings generations together” published in the current edition of the Australian Journal of Dementia Care, URPS’ Senior Associate Dr Edoardo Rosso and co-authors reflect on the collaborative efforts of a primary school, a local council, an aged care provider and a university to develop and implement an intergenerational dementia education project.

The project took place in Adelaide in 2018 and brought to life interesting opportunities and challenges teaching young students about dementia through real-life interaction with older people.  It also stimulated social connections among older people with dementia through visits and intergenerational activities.

The article highlights how community partnerships between industry, end users and education organisations are vital to promote understanding of disabilities such as dementia that are increasingly part of all our lives in one way or another.