Evolving Balcony Guidance

The City of Adelaide has been re-examining its approach to balconies that encroach over the public realm.

The Council allowed balcony encroachments in certain circumstances for many years.  Then in 2019, it changed its policy to prevent them.

Following feedback from the development industry, the Council has revisited this policy.

With advice from URPS and engagement with key stakeholders, City of Adelaide has recently ratified its new policy permitting balcony encroachments in the following circumstances:

  • On streets that are not part of the National Heritage Listing; and
  • Fronting portions of the Squares.

Balcony encroachments should be carefully integrated into the building design and enhance the appearance of the development when viewed from the public realm, while also satisfying the following criteria:

  • Being no greater than 30% of the street frontage of the building; and
  • Having  no more than 50% of each balcony area encroaching  over the public realm; and
  • Having a maximum encroachment projection of 1 metre; and
  • Being designed to be open in form and appearance rather than enclosed; and
  • Being free of service infrastructure such as air conditioning units; and
  • Having a minimum setback of 600mm from the kerb edge and 1000mm from a street tree, traffic signal, light pole or street furniture element (or greater for traffic movement/safety requirements).

This new policy approach is a significant improvement from the 2019 position and will help achieve enhanced design outcomes, particularly for residential development.