Emerging Issues with Residential Apartments – URPS Breakfast Seminar 4 May 2018

Increasing density in urban areas has generated much debate about the suitability, liveability and design of high rise buildings compared with traditional housing.

  • What impact will the new Design Guidelines in South Australia and Victoria have on apartment design?
  • Do planning policies in these states strike the right balance between facilitating change and preserving existing character?
  • How is the market responding to these developments?

URPS continues to contribute to discussion of these and other contemporary planning issues through its breakfast seminars.  Join us on Friday 4 May 2018 and hear from:

  • James Harbard, Elenberg Fraser Architects
  • David O’Loughlin, Mayor of the City of Prospect and President of Australian Local Government Association
  • Rachel Elliott, m3property Strategists
  • Matt King, URPS.

Additional details can be found on the flyer.