Doing it Differently: URPS Supports PIA Victoria Symposium

With increasing population pressures, climate change, affordability concerns, a greater move to the share-economy, disruptive technologies and a push to rethink the role of planning regulation, PIA Victoria seized the moment with its inaugural symposium “Doing it Differently: Rethinking Planning”.

The symposium saw a range of leading international, national and local experts cover a range of contemporary planning issues.  A key focus was on how significant innovations in technology are shaping our built environment and providing solutions to challenges.

A shifting market towards renewable energy sources will not only shape our built form and public spaces by imbedding energy capturing techniques, but also provide a cleaner future to mitigate the effects of climate change. Driverless transportation will challenge the ideal of car ownership, and potentially reduce congestion on our roads. The Smart Planning program will mean that the planning system is more responsive and flexible through digitalisation of planning processes.  The Smart Planning program is now entering a period of consultation, with the opportunity for the planning industry and wider community to share their ideas on the matters most important to them. Copies of presentations are available on the PIA website.

The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) has been an important facilitator of debate and change in the planning industry.  URPS was proud to be a sponsor of this successful inaugural event in Victoria, continuing our strong support of PIA as the peak body representing the planning profession.