Connecting with the community about Strategic Planning

In any strategic planning process it is important to listen to a diverse range of opinions in order to build consensus about where we are headed.  This type of engagement also embraces some of the key elements of successful strategic planning including:

  • Pulling together a diverse, yet relevant group of people, allowing time for big-picture thinking and open/free discussion.
  • Strategic plans that are fluid, not rigid and unbending, adapting to changes in circumstances.
  • Making strategic planning a habit with a focus on accountability for results.

Following our PIA Award winning engagement with young people as part of the Norwood Payneham & St Peters CityPlan 2030 update back in 2012, URPS has again been assisting Council with its current review of the strategic document.

A series of creative workshops with select ratepayers, community groups and young people have enabled us to better understand the most effective parts of CityPlan 2030 and where it may be further enhanced.  Young people provided particular insight into the type of community they would like to be part of, the housing they would like to live in, the spaces and places they would like access to, the ways in which they would like to travel and the types of job opportunities they would like available in the future.

With more than 15 Council staff volunteering to facilitate at the various workshops, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters really understands that CityPlan 2030 is strengthened by regular and effective engagement with its community.