A First for Adelaide

The Development Assessment Commission has approved Adelaide’s first entirely residential building on a catalyst site.

Increasing the residential population in the City is a goal shared by both Adelaide City Council and the State Government. To help achieve this, guidelines for the development of catalyst sites have been included in the Adelaide Development Plan, providing opportunity for taller buildings to be developed on larger sites.

URPS, together with Minuzzo Project Management and Architects Inc, was engaged by Global Intertrade to develop a high-end apartment complex at 200 East Terrace. It contains 34 apartments and ranges in height from 4 storeys fronting East Terrace to 8 storeys at the rear. Existing surrounding development is typically 2 storeys.

The key challenge was to create development of greater intensity than its surrounds, while carefully managing the interface with neighbours in terms of massing, proportions, overshadowing, traffic and noise. This challenge was amplified by an immediately adjoining State Heritage Place. Significant analysis and design testing was undertaken in relation to allotment depth and frontage to East Terrace, internal design and orientation of the apartments, setback distances and pedestrian/vehicle access points.

After a number of meetings with DPTI and ACC’s Pre-lodgement Panel, and with the Capital City Design Review Panel, pre-agreements were obtained from all referral bodies. Some of the early design prototypes bear little resemblance to the final design solution. This willingness to amend the proposal was a strength of the design team and ensures that the final result is very robust.

In his written advice to the Development Assessment Commission, the Government Architect stated “The ambition to deliver a distinctive contemporary addition to one of the City’s premier residential streets and the decision to locate all car parking below ground are highly commendable. The distribution of built form manages the impact of a higher quantum of development on the surrounding sites.”

We look forward to the realisation of this exciting and transformational apartment complex.